Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY - Trixie does Re-Invention Vogue

Let’s go back into the Tranny Force vaults and showcase an oldie but goodie! Here we have Trixie along with All You Can Eat, recreating Madonna’s Vogue from the 2004 Re-Invention tour; headstands, crab crawls and all! FEAST ON THE ELEGANZA!!!!


Work It Out Wednesday is a weekly post dedicated to someone who challenges social norms, pioneers new ideas, inspires us to new heights and thinks outside the box

In this case, we’re thinking outside the BOXX as we spotlight the lovely Pandora Boxx from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2, All Stars, her own YouTube channel (and a secret guest appearance in Tranny Force Xtreme Makeover)!  Her humour, charm, wit and overall loveliness won the world over when she appeared on Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and now this wonder girl is turning it out as a comedian and gay rights activist. She keeps us entertained, while keeping us in the know. Sister, you WORK IT OUT! Check her out on various social media platforms here:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Sailor Moon Figures!!

It's time for your makeover! Oh wait... We'll punish you!

It's no secret that Tranny Force is inspired by the amazing anime series Sailor Moon, so you can only imagine how excited we are about the new Sailor Moon series that's coming out (potentially) this year. Even more exciting though.....THE TOYS!!! I think it's safe to say Tranny Force HQ will be littered with these little goodies!

#TASTYTUESDAY - Hugh Jackman

He's mad, and I'm glad.
We dedicate every Tuesday to the most delicious specimens of the male variety for our #TastyTuesday blog entry.

A scruffy Aussie playing a wild super human? YES PLEASE! Hugh Jackman is one ravishing slab of meat, and like a bottle of wine, he gets so much tastier with age. Bottoms up handsome, I’ll be drinking you all night! I can’t wait to see him go shirtless berserk in The Wolverine flick!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy 10th Anniversary Tranny Force Episode 1: Cirque De So Gay

Evil Lynn, Milla and Trixie getting their tits out for the Cirque De So Gay
10 years ago today on July 29 2003, the 2nd film created in the Tranny Force series (a prequel) Episode 1: Cirque De So Gay made its debut at the Vancouver Cinematheque. Playing to a sold out audience, the film told the story of how Dino, Donovan and Jeffi became the defenders of glamour, fashion and beauty, the Tranny Force!! Through the help of their dog Yasha, they were able to unleash the powers of female warriors from another dimension and save the world from an attack by the evil muscle boys, the Cirque De So Gay! And now on the eve of the 1st episode's 10th anniversary we are unleashing a new story for you. Thank you Dino, Donovan and Jeffi for your services, you will be remembered fondly! RIP!

#MAKEOVERMONDAY - Tranny Force Xtreme Makeover gets unleashed!

Out of Your Mind Productions is THRILLED to share with you the newest adventure in the Tranny Force saga, XTREME MAKEOVER! This 5 part web series introduces cunning plot twists as a new future awaits Trixie, Milla and Evil Lynn. Watch as the original drag queen super heroes take on an unstoppable foe! Check back next Makeover Monday August 5th for Tranny Force Xtreme Makeover – Chapter 2: The Beginning! A big thank you to the whole cast for coming together and making this new story come to life, especially the 3 new Tranny Force girls (Raye Sunshine, Kristina Cash and Iona Whipp) for carrying on the fight of glamour, fashion and beauty!