Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Work It Out Wednesday is a weekly post dedicated to someone who challenges social norms, pioneers new ideas, inspires us to new heights and thinks outside the box. 

Summer is the season of Pride celebrations all over the world. Russia however has become a battle ground for that freedom as laws are attacking the gay community. This vulgar abuse of the legal system is making headlines all over the world as the Russian gay community is being witch hunted, tortured and even murdered in a country that doesn't allow you to be gay. Tilda Swinton though, has raised a pride flag right in front of St Basil’s Cathedral in Russia in a picture that has gone viral. Her valour hasn’t gone unnoticed as she stands in solidarity with the gay community. Thank you Tilda for showing us what a real super hero looks like! XOXO

Girl we know why you hate us.... cause YOU'RE ONE OF US. Enough already!

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