Cast of the latest film, Tranny Force: Xtreme Makeover!

Lucas LaFemme (played by Kip Tastic)
Lucas is tender morsel of a fella with a strange fascination of the occult. His brother, Jeffi LaFemme was found mysteriously murdered in Belleville Park and now he's on a mission to get some answers. Little does he know, a whole new responsibility will be thrust on him.
Milla (Played by Kristina Cash): Milla is the Fashion Fighter and uses fashion accessories as her weapons of choice. Her new attack, the "Stiletto Shock Strike" gives her a walk that EVERYONE will remember.
Gregor Greene (played by Aron Brown)
Gregor is a VERY easy going kinda guy, he does odd jobs here and there, but lives rather comfortably considering. He doesn't reveal too much about his professional life, but he's ALWAYS on the phone.
Trixie (played by Iona Whipp)
This glamour girl uses super powered make up as her weapons. Her "Burning Blush Inferno" attack is not only good for crisping up the bad guys, but great for lighting blunts too!
Max Moon (played by Steve Carty)
As a reporter for the Bellville Times newspaper, Max is always on the scene looking for the latest story. He's also a womanizing bastard who's mastered the art of promiscuity. His alpha male persona gets compromised significantly when a female spirit from another dimension chooses him as a host for her powers.
Evil Lynn (played by Raye Sunshine)
She's rough, she's tough and she's the Beauty Fighter that uses magical hair products to fight evil. Evil Lynn's latest attack, the "Max Hold Hairspray Freeze" may not be the strongest attack, but it can ice the baddies quite n"ice"ly.
Yasha (played by Sienna Blaze)
Back in their home planet of Kirei, Yasha was the strongest member of the Girlie Force. However, once the female warriors fled to Earth and became the Tranny Force, Yasha's warrior spirit was at first merged with a dog, and now a paraplegic tranny. She's pretty pissed about this.
Assassina (played by Syren)
A mysterious assassin from the Dark Dimension. She has a number of weapons at her disposal including her Sword of Anger which can quickly dispatch anyone that stands in her way. She proves to be the Tranny Force's toughest challenge yet, 
but she must have a weakness…..
Sinnamon Kupkake (played by Quanah Style)
The Belleville News anchor that has a very colorful lifestyle and a unique way of presenting the news. She's fun. Tee Hee!
? (Played by Pandora Boxx)
Who is this mysterious person? Why is she looking for the Tranny Force?

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